Local Electrical provides a wide range of electrical services to ensure all-round protection for your property. Take a look at various services that we offer to our commercial and domestic clients.


We can set up and streamline your network operations to ensure seamless data exchange between the server and the devices.


We can conduct thorough inspection around your premises to pinpoint electrical faults and suggest solutions where immediate attention is required.


Whether it’s appliance breakdown or the entire wiring system that has been damaged, our repair solutions are perfectly placed to help.


Our testing service is designed to check if your new electrical system is installed to the highest safety and quality standards.


We can light up your world and immediately fix any issue, whatsoever, so you do not have to spend a moment in the dark.

Internet connections

Internet downtime is really a stressful situation for businesses and homes alike. We can fix any internet-related issue and configure the modem to give you maximum speed and reliability.

Low voltage work

Modern electrical systems are usually controlled by small electronic devices. We can repair and maintain those small devices to prevent big troubles.


Every electrical system requires regular maintenance, which is more frequent with commercial and industrial settings. We can help!


Any network-related issue, big or small, Local Electrical can fix it in no time. If your system needs upgrade to accommodate more devices, we can help.


One wrong connection can be disastrous for the entire electrical system. If you have a couple of loose wires or cables, allow us to connect them where they belong.

CAD drafting

CAD is a great tool to design or simulate an electrical system. It also helps in finding loopholes and detecting faults quickly.

Commercial, residential and industrial services

Our comprehensive electrical assistance covers commercial, residential and industrial requirements. The best part is, we are just one phone call away.

Data cabling

You network issues shouldn’t hamper your work, so choose the right specialist for your data cabling needs. Who else than Local Electrical could do that better?

Fault detection

We get to the root of the problem and find the actual cause to fix it altogether, so it doesn’t bother you again.

Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance are complementary to each other. Our comprehensive electrical service covers both aspects to give you maximum efficiency and reliability.

Switchboard upgrades

We can come over to replace outdated or burnt out switchboards with the newer ones. This should prevent electrical hazards and improve aesthetics.

Hot water systems

If your hot water systems aren’t operating at peak efficiency or not working at all, we can fix whatever may be the problem.

Stove appliances

We offer regular maintenance and reliable repair assistance for your stove appliances, so you can keep up with your passion for cooking.

General electrical

Our general electrical work covers everything from installation to repairs through to maintenance. We can fix your world for you.

Lighting and power

If you have lighting and high-power equipment that requires installation, maintenance or repairs, Local Electrical can come forward to help.

Autocad drafting

Using Autocad drafting, we can simulate commercial and residential electrical systems to see how it all works without actually getting our hands dirty.

Underground work

We have the right tools and expertise to handle underground electrical work at mining and construction sites.

Video and alarms

Right from setting up surveillance systems to installing alarms, we can do it all. When safety is priority, we leave nothing to chance.

Air conditioning

Our experts can come over for air conditioning repairs and maintenance to keep your cooling system in good shape for years.


If your existing electrical wiring has worn out or damaged due to short-circuit, we can provide fast, reliable and fully compliant rewiring assistance.


Sometimes, a fault is hard to identify, let alone fix it. Our experts use advance tools for fault finding and troubleshoot the problem it might be causing.